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  • 抑制臭味
  • 殺菌
  • 預防感冒
  • 活化腦細胞
  • 增強記憶力
  • 抵御細菌及真菌感染
  • 提升精神情緒
  • 改善睡眠質素,減輕失眠



  • 耐熱容器(一般可使用陶碗,古老方法建議使用鮑魚貝殻)
  • 火種(火柴,蠟燭或打火機)
  • 扇(不是必需,只用作引導煙薰方向)



  • 小心使用火種,煙薰時請勿穿長而寬袖的衣服,小心燙傷或燃燒到附近的物件。可先準備水源在危險時可使用。
  • 不要使用易於傳熱的器皿,如金屬或玻璃
  • 燃燒時請時刻注意火種,不要將點燃的鼠尾草獨留房間內
  • 燃燒後請注意火種是否已完全熄滅
  • 如氣管比較過敏,請打開窗戶,嚴重過敏者請先徵詢醫生意見
  • 哺乳期的婦女最好不要使用



  • 點燃鼠尾草有葉子的那端,上下擺動滅掉明火,煙霧升起
  • 把鼠尾草放在耐熱容器內,捧著容器在房間繞行一周,可以在每個角落多停留一會
  • 最後把容器放在房間中心,讓煙淨化整個空間
  • 鼠尾草會根據周圍的正負離子數量自行燃燒,直到離子被清除乾淨,自動停止燃燒。
  • 把鼠尾草放置在乾燥的地方保存。下次使用時再次燃點。


Sage is a highly popular herb in Europe, and Native Americans in North America often use sage to purify spaces and energy.


Origin: United States
​​Size: 4 inches (handmade, may have a deviation of about 1 inch)
[Benefits of burning White Sage]

🍀 Purifies negative energy in space
🍀 Demagnetizes crystals
🍀 Provides protection
🍀 Suppresses odors
🍀 Antimicrobial properties
🍀 Prevents colds
🍀 Activates brain cells
🍀 Enhances memory
🍀 Resists bacterial and fungal infections
🍀 Improves emotional well-being
🍀 Enhances sleep quality, alleviating insomnia


[Items needed for burning White Sage]

  1. Heat-resistant container (can use a ceramic bowl, traditional methods recommend using an abalone shell)
  2. Ignition source (matches, candles, or a lighter)
  3. Fan/feather (not necessary, only used to guide the direction of smoke)



  • Use ignition sources with care, avoid wearing long and wide-sleeved clothing during smoking to prevent burns or ignition of nearby objects. Have a water source prepared for emergencies.
  • Do not use vessels that easily conduct heat, such as metal or glass.
  • Pay attention to the ignition source when burning sage, and do not leave burning sage unattended in the room.
  • After burning, check if the ignition source is completely extinguished.
  • If the respiratory tract is sensitive, open windows during smoking. Consult a doctor if severely allergic.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised not to ​​use.


[How to smudge sage]

  1. Ignite the end of the sage with leaves, swaying up and down to extinguish the flame, allowing smoke to rise.
  2. Place the sage in the heat-resistant container, holding the container and moving around the room, pausing in each corner for a while.
  3. Finally, place the container in the center of the room to allow the smoke to purify the entire space.
  4. Sage will burn automatically based on the surrounding positive and negative ion counts until the ions are cleared, and it stops burning.
  5. If you need to extinguish sage forcefully, hold the sage and press the burning end firmly into the container until the ignition source is extinguished.
    *Do not use water to extinguish sage, as it will render it unusable next time.
  6. Store sage in a dry place for future use. Ignite again when needed.

加州白鼠尾草煙燻棒 - 4" White Sage Smudge Stick - 4"

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