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  • 接骨木花:增強免疫系統,緩解感冒及流感症狀,可緩解炎症及抗過敏
  • 胡椒薄荷:有助消化、緩解頭痛、提神醒腦、清理呼吸道
  • 甘草:增強抵抗力,調整體質,生津止渴、止咳、對「退火」、「降火氣」有一定效果


  • 有助於提升免疫力
  • 緩解過敏症狀
  • 能緩和因黏膜發炎引起的鼻塞、流鼻水等症狀
  • 對於呼級系統和消化系統也有一定功效
  • 亦有助於減輕壓力和疲勞
  • 對皮膚健康有益

















Improving Seasonal Allergies, Alleviating Cold Discomfort


Elderflower: Enhances the immune system, relieves cold and flu symptoms, can alleviate inflammation and has anti-allergic properties.


Peppermint: Aids digestion, relieves headaches, revitalizes the mind, and clears the respiratory tract.


Licorice: Strengthens resistance, adjusts physical condition, quenches thirst, stops coughing, and has certain effects on ‘cooling down’ and ‘reducing internal heat’. 


  • Helps to boost immunity
  • Relieves allergy symptoms
  • Can alleviate nasal congestion and runny nose caused by mucosal inflammation
  • has certain effects on the respiratory and digestive systems
  • Helps to reduce stress and fatigue
  • Beneficial for skin health


This herbal tea is very suitable for people with seasonal allergies to lay a foundation. Starting to drink before the change of seasons can reduce the discomfort of seasonal allergies. Daily consumption can enhance immunity and reduce the risk of infections.


*Note: Not suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, or infants. Please avoid excessive consumption.


Brewing Instructions

Steep the tea bag in 150-200 ml of hot water for 10 minutes before enjoying.


Premium Storage

We recommend storing the tea leaves in a sealed container, kept in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight to maintain optimal freshness and flavor.


[About the Shop Owner]

Born with a naturally sensitive constitution to medications, the shop owner has been passionately researching the effects of natural herbs since childhood. With the goal of boosting immunity and minimizing reliance on chemical-laden Western medicine, the owner believes in using herbal remedies or herbal teas during the early stages of illness to control symptoms and prevent minor ailments from escalating into major ones. The shop's various herbal blends are crafted based on this principle, aiming to assist everyone in alleviating the daily discomfort of minor illnesses and promoting a healthier lifestyle.


Please note that while herbal teas have certain therapeutic effects, they cannot completely replace regular medical care. In the case of relevant illnesses, it is essential to consult a qualified doctor first and follow their prescribed medications. Additionally, individuals may be allergic to certain herbal ingredients. If you are taking other medications, herbal teas may affect drug efficacy or cause interactions. If in doubt, consult your doctor before use.

接骨木花混合茶 Elder Flower Herbal Tea Blend - 10 cups 杯

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