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1. 水晶消磁淨化




2. 保護及淨化家居




3. 舒緩身體疼痛







  • 100g的海鹽足夠為一條水晶手串消磁。
  • 店主在海鹽中注入了Rowan樹木能量,加強了保護效果。
  • 如果發現海鹽變成黑色,請更換新的海鹽,以保證最佳的能量淨化效果。


【Spiritual Uses of Salt】


Salt is a natural and powerful substance.

It has cleansing and protective properties, aiding in physical and spiritual healing.

In addition to purifying our bodies, objects, and energy, salt can extract or release things in the energy field that no longer serve us, positively impacting us.

In spiritual rituals across many countries, salt is mentioned for protecting homes or sacred spaces. Placing salt at the doorstep can prevent evil or negative energy from entering.


【Sea Salt】Usage Methods


1. Crystal Demagnetization and Cleansing

Sea salt can absorb the negative energy absorbed by crystals.

Bury the crystals in sea salt, let them sit for at least 4-6 hours, rinse them with water after purification, and dry them with a cloth.


2. Home Protection and Cleansing

Place sea salt in dark or energetically dense corners of the home. It can also be placed at doorways or window positions to block negative energy from entering.

When placing, add intention: may the salt provide additional protection, eliminate negative, evil, and stagnant energy.

Note: Avoid placing near altars, ancestral shrines, or deities to prevent energy interference.


3. Relief Body Pain

Place sea salt in a cloth bag, slightly dampen the surface, microwave for 2 minutes. Place the salt bag on the painful area for heat therapy. Use with caution to avoid burns.



Please note, this sea salt is for spiritual and everyday use only, do not ingest. Keep away from pets and children when placed to avoid accidents.


【Shop Owner's Note】

  • 100g of sea salt is enough to demagnetize a crystal bracelet.
  • The shop owner has infused Rowan tree energy into the sea salt, enhancing its protective effects.
  • If the sea salt turns black, please replace it with new salt to ensure optimal energy cleansing effects.

海鹽 Sea Salt - 100g

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