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【尺寸】直徑約3mm x 15cm長





Hand made in Hong Kong

[Ingredients] Palo Santo powder, Natural sticky powder

[Size] Appox. 3mm x 15cm(L)

[Qty] 30 sticks

[Estimate Burn Time] 45mins

*With incense burning stand





  • 100%純天然
  • 不含化學成份
  • 手工製造
  • 幫助控制由壓力引起的疾病,使人平靜、放鬆及和諧
  • 香氣有助於加深冥想和放鬆精神
  • 淨化負面能量,連結正面能量
  • 幫助與愛的能量連接,增加釋放自己給予和接受能力
  • 消除壓力
  • 天然驅蚊,消除空間中的細菌及螨蟲
  • 抗抑鬱、風濕、流感
  • 抗病毒、防感染


* 懷孕初期人士慎用
* 以上敍述,僅供研究參考用途,罹患相關疾病時,切記應先經正統醫生診治,遵照醫生指示用藥。


Made of high-quality Palo Santo, hand-milled, it highly restores the aroma and purification effect of lit Palo Santo wood.

It is easier to ignite than logs, with less smoke, longer ignition time, and longer aroma retention.


  • 100% Natural
  • Free of chemical components
  • Handmade in Peru
  • Helps control diseases caused by stress providing peace, relaxation and harmony
  • Its aroma helps to deepen the spiritual moments of meditation and relaxation.
  • Cleansing and purification against bad spirit, bad vibrations and negative forces.
  • Helps to connect with the energy of Love increase the ability to free yourself to give and receive.
  • Eliminate stress
  • Natural repellent against mosquitoes, eliminates germs, bacteria and mites from room.
  • Antidepressant, antirheumatic, prevent flu
  • Antiviral and reduces the possibility of infections.

* Use with caution for the people in the early stages of pregnancy.
* The above descriptions are for reference purposes only. When suffering from related diseases, please consult a doctor and follow doctor’s medication instruction.

秘魯聖木手工線香 - 30支 Handmade Palo Santo Incense Sticks - 30 sticks

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