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【尺寸】直徑約3mm x 15cm長





Hand made in Hong Kong

[Ingredients] Blue Sage powder, Natural sticky powder

[Size] Appox. 3mm x 15cm(L)

[Qty] 30 sticks

[Estimate Burn Time] 45mins

*With incense burning stand





  • 100%純天然
  • 不含化學成份
  • 手工製造








  • 淨化空間
  • 消除負面情緒
  • 驅邪
  • 療癒
  • 帶來財富和健康
  • 保護
  • 提升精神力量


* 懷孕及哺乳期間婦女忌用


Made from high-quality blue sage, hand-ground into powder, this product highly restores the aroma and purification effect of blue sage when burned.


It solves the problem of blue sage being prone to insect infestations, produces less smoke when burned, has a longer burning time, and the fragrance lingers longer.


  • 100% pure natural
  • No chemical ingredients
  • Handmade


The efficacy of blue sage is similar to that of white sage, but its scent is milder and has a slightly sweet minty feel. The fragrance is pleasant and relaxing, making it more suitable for meditation than white sage.


In addition to the general purification effect, blue sage also dominates wealth and health, making it very suitable for use in the workplace. In the tradition of North American indigenous peoples, blue sage is often used in exorcism ceremonies, and it is said to be very effective in expelling negative energy and evil spirits.


The effects of using blue sage as incense:


  • Purify space
  • Eliminate negative emotions
  • Exorcise evil spirits
  • Healing
  • Bring wealth and health
  • Protection
  • Enhance spiritual power


*Pregnant and lactating women should avoid using it.

藍鼠尾草手工線香 - 30支 Handmade Blue Sage Incense Sticks - 30 sticks

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