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  • 《心經》宣紙臨摹字帖 x 10張
  • 鋼筆式毛筆 x 1支
  • 墨囊 x 10支
  • 墊片 x 1張
  • 經書收納袋 x 1個



































The set includes

  • "Heart Sutra" copysheet x 10 sheets
  • Pen-style brush x 1
  • Ink bag x 10
  • Pad x 1
  • Sutra storage bag x 1


The key point of copying sutras is not the beauty of the text, but to observe how the breath and mood affect the strength and rhythm of the pen as you copy the sutra. During the process, learn to adjust and focus on the present. You will understand yourself better, learn to manage and regulate your emotions, and purify your mind.


Copy the Buddhist scriptures with the most devout heart, and put your whole body and mind into it. You can concentrate your mind, not easily be shaken by the outside world, and then eliminate all kinds of distractions, making your mind pure and peaceful, and eliminating all troubles caused by self-attachment.


The benefits of copying sutras


Copying sutras is an ancient and universal practice method, which does not necessarily involve religious beliefs, but a kind of care for one's own mind. 


Regulate body energy

By copying sutras, you can adjust your breathing, make it more deep and even, help relieve stress, and relax your body and mind.


Train concentration

When copying sutras, we need to focus our attention on the content and form of the sutra, without being disturbed by the outside world. This is a kind of exercise for our own mind. Copying sutras can improve our memory, thinking, comprehension, creativity, logic, etc., and also cultivate our patience, discipline, responsibility, confidence, etc.


Eliminate troubles

Through the wisdom of the sutra, we can insight into our own psychological state, find our own problems, and find solutions. Copying sutras can help us purify our mind, remove greed, anger, ignorance and other troubles, and obtain peace, joy, compassion, wisdom and other beautiful qualities.


Before copying sutras:

Wash your hands, tidy up the desk, sit upright, and settle your body and mind.
(You can also burn incense to help relax)


When copying sutras:

Look carefully at the sutra, have no distractions, copy it with reverence and respect, and pay attention to your breath and rhythm.


After copying sutras:

Put your hands together, recite the dedication, and dedicate the merit to all beings.


Sutra collection:

Put the copied sutra into the sutra bag for storage.



Religiously, the original intention of copying sutras is to promote the Buddha's teachings. The sutras written can be connected with people and should not be burned.

If you accumulate a certain amount of sutras and don't know how to deal with them, you can send them back to NaturalHi! We will collect the sutras and use them for the salvation of all beings at the annual Ghost Festival ceremony.

【靜心抄經】套裝 (心經) Zen Calligraphy Set [Heart Sutra]

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