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Discover the Essence of Nature: Sage Blend Tea


Soothe Your Throat and Conquer Seasonal Discomfort.

When throat inflammation and coughing disrupt your peace, our Sage Blend Tea is your ultimate companion. Crafted from premium herbs sourced worldwide, this tea swiftly alleviates discomfort, restoring your health and vitality.


Sage: Originating from Ancient Albania, Alleviates Inflammation and Pain with Antibacterial Powers. Our sage hails from Albania, renowned for its exceptional anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It not only reduces throat and oral inflammation but also provides gentle relief for your sore throat.


Thyme: A French Delight, Clears Respiratory Pathways and Purifies Your Breathing.

Sourced from France, our thyme is hailed as the custodian of the respiratory system. It helps clear blocked airways, soothes coughs, and ensures your breathing flows smoothly.


Licorice: Uzbekistan's Treasure, Comforts Your Throat and Boosts Your Immune System.

Our licorice, from Uzbekistan, acts as a natural throat healer. Beyond soothing your throat, it boosts your immune system, enhancing your ability to fend off environmental challenges.


Taste Health, Experience Nature. Our Sage Blend Tea not only offers healing properties but also enchants your senses with its delightful aroma and exquisite taste. Each sip pays homage to the wonders of nature, taking you on a delightful journey for your body, mind, and soul.


*Note: Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, children, individuals with high blood pressure, or those with impaired liver and kidney function. Please avoid excessive consumption.


Brewing Instructions

Take an appropriate amount of tea leaves, steep in 150-200 milliliters of hot water for 5 minutes, and savor the natural comfort it provides.


Premium Storage

We recommend storing the tea leaves in a sealed container, in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, ensuring the utmost freshness and flavor.


Choose Sage Blend Tea and Embark on a Journey to a Healthier, More Natural Life.


Meet our store owner…

who, due to a natural allergy to medications, embarked on a lifelong journey exploring the wonders of natural herbs. Her mission? To supercharge your immune system, minimize health troubles, and bid farewell to chemical-laden medicines.


Picture this: at the first sign of illness, our owner relies on the potency of herbs and floral teas to swiftly curb the ailment, ensuring minor discomforts never escalate into major concerns. Each tea in our collection is meticulously crafted following this principle.


Are you tired of relying on conventional medicine? Ready to embrace a healthier, natural lifestyle? Look no further! Our teas are tailored to enhance your immunity and alleviate daily ailments, promising a life of vitality and well-being. Your path to optimal health starts here!


Please note that while herbal teas have certain healing properties, they cannot entirely replace conventional medical treatments. When dealing with specific health conditions, it is crucial to seek professional medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider and follow their prescribed medications. Additionally, individuals may have allergic reactions to certain herbal ingredients. If you are taking other medications, herbal teas might interfere with their effectiveness or cause potential interactions. If in doubt, consult your doctor before use.

鼠尾草混合茶 Sage Herbal Tea Blend - 10 cups 杯

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